The files, located on the site are with the 1024x768 and 800x600 pixels with 16 millions of colors (24 bit) - it is a high resolution and the most popular format. Click the link, and use right click to "Save as..."
Vk Vg207 - flip model with LCD panel
Vk Mobile Vg107 - value modern model
Sony Ericsson T610 - mid level with a lot of fucntions
Sony Ericsson T600 - nice design
Sony Ericsson T300 - mid level with main functions
Sony Ericsson T200 - base type
Sony Ericsson T100 - start model
Sony Ericsson P800 - powerfull functions
Sony Cmd J70 - good model
Smartphone2002 I Mate - multi functional
Siemens S55 - high level phone
Siemens M50 - media style functions
Siemens Cl50 - flip phone
Siemens C55 - value version of S55
Siemens A55 - start phone
Siemens A50 - low level class
Samsung X400 - media phone
Samsung V200 - some functions
Samsung Sgh N270 Matrix 2 - from the Movie
Samsung Sgh T100 - modern phone
Samsung Sgh S200 - slim model
Samsung Sgh N620 - with a base features
Samsung Sgh N500 - classic model
Samsung Sgh E700 - multi-functional phone
Samsung Sgh A800 - stylish phone
Samsung S300 - one more model
Philips Fisio 820 - we can call it the base model
Panasonic Gd67 - simple model of the phone
Panasonic Gd55 - fat invents
Mobile Phone Nokia 9210i - powerfull media connector
Mobile Phone Nokia 8910i - style in a metal package
Mobile Phone Nokia 8910 - another view
Mobile Phone Nokia 7650 - smart media phone
Mobile Phone Nokia 7250 - a lot of features
Mobile Phone Nokia 7210 - style for next generation
Mobile Phone Nokia 6800 - small pocket computer
Mobile Phone Nokia 6610 - rich media functions
Mobile Phone Nokia 6310i - old model
Mobile Phone Nokia 6100 - high level class
Mobile Phone Nokia 5100 - next step
Mobile Phone Nokia 3650 - fun keyboard
Mobile Phone Nokia 3510 - teen style
Mobile Phone Nokia 3410 - base bodel
Mobile Phone Nokia 3300 - like a pocket game
Mobile Phone Nokia 3100 - start level
Mobile Phone Nokia 2100 - low level with a good quality
Mobile Phone Motorola V70 - hello Moto
Mobile Phone Motorola C350 - multi functional model
Mobile Phone Lg W7000 - flip phone
Mobile Phone Lg W5300 - bright LCD panel
Mobile Phone Lg W5200 - pocket small version
Mobile Phone Lg W3000 - base phone
Mobile Phone Lg G7100 - high class
Mobile Phone Lg G7030 - one more similar
Mobile Phone Lg G5400 - good phone
Mobile Phone Lg B1300 - slim and stylish
Mobile Phone Lg B1200 - value model
Mobile Phone Hyundai Gx 100c - flip phone
Mobile Phone Ericsson T66 - old model
Mobile Phone Ericsson R600 - one more
Mobile Phone Alcatel One Touch 715 - no more words


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