The files, located on the site are with the 1024x768 and 800x600 pixels with 16 millions of colors (24 bit) - it is a high resolution and the most popular format. Click the link, and use right click to "Save as..."
Aseong Cd Player Adj500se - dual cheap model
Aseong Dual Dj Cd Player Adj500 - next step of the design
Beston Cd Player Wallpaper Adj555 - base level od Djing
Bst Cleving 156 Dj Cd Player - the cdj500 style
Bst Group 26 Mixer - 19 inch model
Bst Symbol 26 Dj Mixer - simple functions model
Cd Player For Dj Aseong Adj700 - more functions
Dj Cd Player Aseong Adj300 - start level of the single player
Dj Mixer Bst Atlanta 6 - where is the filters for each channels
Dj Mixer Pioneer Djm 3000 - mid level of the excellent quality
Dual Cd Player Beston Adj777 - multi functional model
Dual Dj Cd Player Beston Adj 333 - start level of DJing
Ecler Concept2 Dj Mixer - mid level from France
Ecler Hak 300 Dj Mixer - base functions are realized
Ecler Smac Pro20 Dj Mixer - small size with a good functionality
Ecler Smac Pro30 Dj Mixer - more functions
Ecler Smac Pro40 Dj Mixer - the best from this manufacturer
Gmr Dj Mini Pitch Mixer - child style model
Gmr Dj Pitch Pro Mixer - the same view of a panel
Gmr Pm6 2 Dj Mixer - multi channel pro mixer
Intimidation Blue Dj Mixer - simple model
Pioneer Cdj 100s Dj Cd Player 1280x1024 - value model with some pro functions
Pioneer Cdj 500s Dj Cd Player - djs love this model
Pioneer Cdj 800 Dj Cd Player - clone of the CDJ1000 model
Pioneer Cmx 3000 Dj Cd Player - dual player with a professional functins
Pioneer Cmx 5000 Dual Dj Cd Player - similar as 3000
Pioneer Djm 600 Dj Mixer - most popular dj mixer
Pioneer Dmj 300s Dj Mixer Wallpaper - start level with high level manufacturing
Pioneer Dmp 555 Dj Cd Media Player - professional media player
Pioneer Hdj 1000 Dj Headphones - model for the dj600 mixer
Pioneer Se Dj5000 Headphones - previous model
Stanton Esm11 Dj Mixer - scratch model
Stanton S 250 Dj Cd Player - start level of their players
Stanton S550 Dj Dual Cd Player - value model
Stanton S650 Dj Dual Cd Player - semi-professional model
Stanton S700 Dj Dual Cd Player - multi functional player
Stanton Sa 12 Dj Mixer - good class
Stanton Sa 8 Dj Mixer - base model
Stanton Sk 2f Dj Mixer - high level of dj mixing
Stanton Smx 501 Dj Mixer - pro curve mixing features
Stanton Str850 Dj Turntable - mid level of turntable
Stanton Str860 Dj Turntable - next model
Stanton Str880 Dj Turntable - some pro features
Technics 1200 Dj Turntable - one of the famous
Technics 1210 Dj Turntable - the same, black colour
Technics Dj 1200 Headphones - good model
Vestax Cdx 15 Dual Cd Player - more style than functions
Vestax Cdx 16 Dj Cd Player - portable version
Vestax Cdx 35c Dj Cd Player - pro functions included
Vestax Dss X1 Mp3 Aac Player - no more CD - memory cards
Vestax Handy Trax Portable Turntable - to listen in a travel
Vestax Mcr 1 Dj Mixer - only crossfader and input selectors
Vestax Pcv 002 Dj Mixer - start level
Vestax Pcv 003 Dj Mixer - value model
Vestax Pcv 150 Dj Mixer - multi channels model
Vestax Pcv 175 Dj Mixer - pro filters included
Vestax Pcv 180 Dj Mixer - more professional features
Vestax Pcv 275 Dj Mixer - one of the best
Vestax Pdx 2000 Dj Turntable - high torque model
Vestax Pdx 2300 Dj Turntable - professional model
Vestax Pdx 8000 Dj Turntable - some new features
Vestax Pdx01 Turntable - idea only
Vestax Pmc 05pro2 Dj Mixer - mid class model
Vestax Pmc 06 Pro A Dj Mixer - two channels model
Vestax Pmc 06 Pro Dj Mixer - quality firstly
Vestax Pmc 07pro Dj Mixer - non-usual filtering
Vestax Pmc 07pro Samurai Dj Mixer - more professional
Vestax Pmc 25 Dj Mixer - 19 inch model
Vestax Pmc 250 Dj Mixer - another 19 inch model
Vestax Pmc 37pro Dj Mixer - semi-professional model
Vestax Pmc 400 Dj Mixer - good quality
Vestax Pmc 46 Mk 2 Dj Mixer - high level of mixing
Vestax Pmc 55 Dj Mixer - powerfull version of the mixer
Vestax Pmv 07proisp Dj Mixer - some pro features
Vestax R1 Dj Mixer - turn up the volume - no faders
Vestax Vrx 2000 Vinyl Recorder - make the vinyl for you


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